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11 Hammocking Lessons Taught By Animals (Caution: Cuteness Overload!)

animals teach us how to hammock

Animals can teach us a lot.

Their instincts are far more in tune with nature than ours. They sense danger before we do and generally pick up on most other signals better than us humans as well.

And some animals in particular, are masters at relaxing. It should come as no surprise then, that animals enjoy hammocks as much as we do. Especially those animals who are experts at "taking it easy."

Let's look at some photos and videos of animals enjoying hammocks and learn from them. Not only do they teach us valuable lessons, they're also adorable!


1. Hammock The Blues Away

Dog lying in a hammock

Feeling blue? Nothing some hammock time can't cure! When you're feeling a little down like this guy, get in your hammock and let your cares evaporate. There's something about swaying gently in the breeze that will make these sad eyes happy in no time.


2. Don't Interrupt My Hammock Time!

Cat in a rope hammock

I've never been a hug fan of rope hammocks, but this cat doesn't seem to mind. The rope that is...he does seem to be annoyed at the intrusion. No one interrupts hammock time! Unless they bring food...


3. There's No Wrong Way To Hammock

Bird on a hammock

You might look at this feathered hammocker and say he's doing it all wrong. But the lesson here is: there is no wrong way to hammock. Use you hammock in whatever way you feel. If that means you want to drape yourself in it and wear it like a dress, go right ahead. Although, buying an actual dress might be easier...


4. Hammocking With A Friend Is Twice The Fun

Two dogs sharing a hammock

Sharing your hammock with a loved one is one of life's great pleasures. But only if you do it right, otherwise you end up smushed together and the pleasure quickly changes to discomfort and pain. The first step is getting a hammock made for two people (or for three).


5. Hammocks Are For Everyone

Snow leopard in a hammock

Think you're too big or too tough to be seen in a hammock? Ridiculous. Everyone can enjoy a hammock. If you're overly tall or wide, just get a larger one that is built to accommodate your size and/or weight.


6. Sitting In A Hammock Is Perfectly Acceptable

Monkey in a hammockWhen we picture someone in a hammock, they're generally lying down. And that is my personal favorite way to hammock. But you can sit up in your hammock, too. Sometimes you just need to put your body in a different position for a while or you want to sit up to socialize. Or, like this little guy, think deep thoughts.


7. Hammocks Are Great After Dark, Too

Cute little dog lying in a hammock

People generally do their hammocking during daylight hours, but they can be wonderful after dark, too. Whether by a fire like this guy or in the dark under millions of stars, nighttime hammocking is a completely different experience. Just make sure you have tons of insect repellent or a hammock with an attached mosquito net. Tree tents are another great option that actually make for an incredibly comfortable night's sleep.


8. Cold? Bring a Blanket

Cat sleeping with blanket in hammock

It can get cold in a hammock, especially after dark. The phenomenon known as "frozen butt" is real. It usually happens when camping in a hammock and results from cold air cooling your butt from below. A blanket and/or sleeping bag will help keep your butt unfrozen. Or you could just do like our furry friend here and cuddle with your blanket. Although in this case, the cuddler looks more cuddly than the blanket!


9. Get Enough Hammocks For Everyone

Dog watching owner in hammock

There's nothing worse than seeing your friends relaxing in their hammocks, while you sit next to them on the cold, hard flood. Just ask this jealous guy.... That's why you want to get enough hammocks for everyone. This is doubly true if you have children. Or a furry friend who is a hammocking enthusiast....


 10. Getting Into A Hammock Is Not Always Easy

As Timo learned, getting into your hammock can lead to a few spills and awkward moments. Hopefully you don't have someone filming your struggles and posting them to Youtube! Timo also demonstrates that the trouble is worth it. Just look at how relaxed he looks once he figures out his hammock!


11. Rope Hammocks With Spreader Bars Are The Worst

Whenever you see a video of someone's hammock flipping and dumping them on the ground, they're in a spreader hammock, just like the unfortunate bear cubs in the video. Those things are not real hammocks! Real hammocks don't flip and dump you out. These Mayan hammocks are great examples.

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