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How To Hurt Yourself In A Hammock (And Become A Hit On YouTube)

How To Hurt Yourself In A Hammock

We would all love one of our own videos to go viral on YouTube: millions of views, thousands of thumbs ups, hundreds of shares.

A lot of the time, viral videos involve meticulous planning and preparation, something that isn’t completely obvious when you watch it for the first time.

So how can we increase our chances of being a viral hit...using a hammock?

By using it wrong! People love to watch others fail miserably and if you can capture yourself failing, you'll be a hit. Even better if you actually hurt yourself while failing. That's how Youtube stars are born!

Take a look at the 5 ideas below (and please know that we take no responsibility for anything stupid you might do; this post is meant for entertainment purposes only).


1. Use It As A Giant Swing

giant hammock swing

What’s more fun than trying to throw yourself off a swing on a sunny afternoon for YouTube hits?

Answer: Trying to throw yourself off a HAMMOCK on a sunny afternoon for YouTube hits. Actually… trying to throw yourself off a hammock on a RAINY & MUDDY afternoon for YouTube hits may actually top that.  Just to be safe (pun very much intended), why not try both? You’ll get double the hits and double the injuries. It’s a win-win!

Anyway, there’s nothing more tempting than seeing how far you can test the boundaries of hammock swinging before eventually flying off and falling flat on your face.

Here’s my suggestions on how to nail your hammock fail:

  1. Set up any camera or iPhone camera in prime position
  2. Have another person record the action from up close for those extra angles. It might be a good idea to have him/her record in slow motion. This would add a lot of drama to your YouTube video!
  3. Lie on your hammock and wait for your doom
  4. Gather 2-4 friends who can help swing you back and forth
  5. As you fly through the sky, make as many weird noises as you can. And make sure you exaggerate your fall.

I feel obliged to help keep you safe-ish in some way, so just make sure you’re swinging on grass and not concrete!

Check out this video. This kid has the right idea, but he doesn't fail nearly hard enough. You can top that!


2. Break All The Hammock Rules...You Rebel

  • Step 1: Loosely tie your tree straps unsecurely around two neighboring tree trunks.
  • Step 2: Fasten your ‘S’ hooks to both ends of your hammock and knot the tree straps onto the ‘S’ hooks securely. (Boring).
  • Step 3: Crank up the fun by placing a paddling pool underneath your hammock.
  • Step 3.5 (yes, really): Use something other than water in your paddling pool. Goo? Mud? Mentos and coke? Using any of these would crank up your YouTube hits considerably.
  • Step 4: Swing until your tree straps give way, thus plunging you face first into your paddling pool below.
  • Step 5: Is it possible to fill a paddling pool with sharks? With laser beams on their heads? Just a thought...


3. Create The Spinning Hammock of Doom

spinning in a hammock

I feel queezy even typing this.

One of the most popular ways of hanging your hammock is ‘pivot style’. This basically consists of hanging your hammock on a spread bar or beam directly above you, and hooking both straps onto one singular hook in the center of the beam. Usually, two hooks are used to maintain steadiness to the hammock, but this ‘pivot style’ method allows for a fair amount of swinging. Woo!

So what’s the spinning hammock of doom?

Simple really. Lie in your hammock and have a couple of friends spin you round and round and round and round...until it reaches the point where it won't go any further and starts spinning the other way.

Once the spinning has stopped, get out of your hammock and chase after one of your friends. See how far you can run until you stumble in a heap on the floor! My guess is you won’t get far.

Film the whole event of course! And maybe wear roller skates?


4. Tie Yourself To The Hammock...And Flip!

This stroke of genius really only works if you have a rope hammock, or any with holes in. It’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Have a friend tie your wrists and ankles to the hammock.
  2. Aaanndd flip!

The great thing about this method is that you can make it a competition: once hanging, who can untie themselves the quickest? Or who can spin the most times without falling or pleading for mercy?

It would make for a very entertaining YouTube video. The video above scored 20,000 hits just for doing the first two steps! How many can you get?


5. See How Many People Can Fit Onto Your Hammock Before It Breaks

This is definitely one of the best on the list. Who doesn’t love a good pile on? Make sure you have at least a couple of people filming so you can get some good shots of people’s squished faces! And the higher you hang the hammock, the greater the disaster and the more views you will get. The rules are simple:

  1. Gather 15-20 friends together.
  2. Ask everyone to guess how many people can fit on the hammock before it breaks.
  3. One by one, fill the hammock up!
  4. Whoever guessed the number the furthest away from the actual winning result loses and has to do something embarrassing. That part of the video is all up to you.


Do you have any other brilliant ways to fail miserably in a hammock? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to post a link to a video if there is one...we'll give it a like for sure!

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